Vaibhav Tiwari – 99.01 %ile

The classroom teaching combined with several revisions and workshops helped me get an extra edge in my CAT preparation. Live Mock analysis helped me to strategize my attempts. All the mentors were very supportive throughout my journey. Thank you Team Satyam. 

Rishabh Gupta – 99 %ile

The experience with TEAM SATYAM has been very enriching. Mentors out here individually assess and guide students which helps the students to work on their shortcomings and plan accordingly. Marathon workshops of 16-18 hrs for each and every module gave me the advantage to prepare in a better way for my CAT exams. I am really grateful for being a part of Team Satyam family. 

Rippu Daman Rao – 98.52 %ile

I had an extremely enriching experience at TEAM SATYAM. The teachers helped me improve myself not only at the academics front but also in terms of personality. I am really thankful to the Team Satyam faculty for aiding my progress and helping me crack CAT. 

Krishna Dwivedi – 97.53 %ile

My experience at Team Satyam was the one but I could have imagined, being a dropper. The factors which made me join Team Satyam was the faculty here, and I owe my success to them. Be it the middle of the day, or late at night, they were always there to motivate. They put all their efforts, especially during the last few months, which definitely gave me an edge. The atmosphere motivated me to just give my best, my peer group also helped me a lot. The study material was on point, exactly what we need. Nothing over the top and just enough to crack CAT. The mocks were made with proper research, tough they summed tough at times, and Live Mock Analysis by Rahul Sir prepared us for the worst and the best, which was needed for a paper-like CAT 2020. To summarize, the support I got and the knowledge I received not only helped me clear CAT but will also help me throughout life. 

Kushal Shukla – 95.80 %ile

Inexplicable. All the teachers here are next to perfect. I not only enjoyed my prep time but also my studies. All the teachers really helped me personally from attention to the classroom one. The material was updated, well researched, vast but very useful. Everything helped a lot. The motivation that mentors gave came to my rescue when I was down after faring poorly in mocks. Thank you TEAM SATYAM for being with me. 

Farzaq Raza – 95.76 %ile

My experience at TEAM SATYAM was bliss. The teaching faculty is great and really supportive. The study material that was provided helped me a lot. There were extra doubt sessions for the students. Our Teachers here never left us alone and were always there to help us. Mentors always boosted our confidence and never let us fall down. The mocks that were set for us played a great role in our success. I would like to owe my success to my parents, especially my father who never lost faith in me and cheered me all through the journey, my teachers who were also my mentors, and everyone who supported me throughout my journey.

  Nilay Akash – 94.63 %ile

TEAM SATYAM has played an integral role in my CAT Preparation. The teachers and mentors have been of immense help. The regular mock analysis conducted by the mentors helped a lot with my preparations and prepared me well for the final day. The comprehensive material and mocks were also of great help. I owe my success in CAT 2020 to the amazing mentors, comprehensive materials, and regular mocks. A big Thank You to Team Satyam.