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CAT Exam AnalysisNovember 28, 2021

CAT 2021 Slot-1 Analysis

CAT 2021 Exam Analysis


24 Questions – Moderate to Tough

RC: Close choices with very few very easy questions – Moderate

4 Passages – 4 Questions each (16 Questions)

VA – 8 Questions – Overall Easy to Moderate (50% easy & 50% Moderate)

No difficult questions in VA

There was one RC passage that talked about a book review. The book discussed the popularity of Tea as a social drink, along with its historical background. This was the easiest RC because there were two to three direct questions that you could answer just by looking for details in the passage. In this RC, there was one inference question at the end which was a little on the moderate side, otherwise, all the questions in this RC were pretty much doable.

The other RC was on Maya symbols and how for them non-living entities were similar to human beings. Their nonbinary outlook towards inanimate stuff was the central theme of the passage. This passage was a little difficult to understand because the general theme was more philosophical in its outlook. The questions in this passage were not direct and had close choices. There were many questions that were application-based. Overall this was a difficult passage. The other passage was on the idea of utopia and dystopia and how, according to the author, they were not two separate things but twins having the same parent. The questions here were application-based, and of moderate difficulty.

There was one moderate RC on cuttlefish which had moderate to easy questions.


20 Questions – Moderate to Difficult

2 sets of 4 questions each

2 sets of 6 questions each

Set 1: DI based on Bar Chart was the easiest set of the 4, should have been attempted. This set has 4 Questions.

Set 2: Table Based.

7 people and friends & acquaintances with the rest..

This could have been attempted, had 6 questions

Set 3: Arranging authors & their articles

It was about forming a table that had a lot of data and therefore would have been time-consuming. Out of the 6 questions in this set, 3 were straight forward the rest required further analysis.

Set 4: Arrangement of people, raw material, and the final product.

This was not deterministic and so multiple cases were possible as was evident from the options. Should have been avoided.


22 Questions – Easy to Moderate

Easiest of the 3 sections, definitely easier than the last year’s QA section.

About 9 questions in Arithmetic

5 Algebra

3 Geometry

4 No. System


Most of the questions were direct, expect cut-off in this sections to be high

Overall Difficulty Level of CAT 2021 Slot 1: Moderate to Difficult

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