CAT AnalysisNovember 30, 2020

Slot-3 CAT 2020 Analysis

Slot 3 kept the pattern going from the first two slots. VARC was similar to CAT 2019 level of difficulty, LRDI was on the difficult side as compared to Slot 1 and QA was on the same level as the two earlier slots. The sectional details are as below


The RCs were readable but the options were close so students had to be careful in choosing questions. VA questions were mixed as the summary questions were easy to moderate whereas the odd one out looked a little on the difficult side.

Topic No of questions
RC 1 (Impact of travel) 4
RC 2 (Increased screen time) 5
RC 3 (Financial knowledge) 4
RC 4 (Human social evolution) 5
Odd one out 2
Parajumbles 3
Para Summary 3

Overall a score of around 45-48 will be a good attempt and should help you score a percentile of around 99. And a score of around 35-38 should get you a 95 percentile.


Sets looked to be of higher difficulty level than the first slot. Students had to be really careful in choosing the sets, as a wrong set choice could lead to a lot of loss in time. Sticking to familiar set types and trying to complete the set would have been a good strategy. Overall attempts were low.

Topic No of questions Level of Difficulty
Reasoning (Covid Blood test) 4 Moderate to difficult
4 set Venn diagram 4 Easy to moderate
DI based reasoning (Daughters – trees) 6 Difficult
Scheduling 6 Moderate to difficult
Games and tournaments 4 Moderate to difficult

Scores could dip in this session. A score in the range of 28-31 could help you get a 99 percentile and 95 percentile could be at a score of 20-24.


Like the first slot, majority of the questions were from algebra and arithmetic. Level of difficulty was similar to CAT 2019.

Topic No of questions Level of difficulty
Arithmetic 8 – 9 Easy to moderate
Algebra 9 – 10 Moderate to difficult
Number System 1 – 2 Moderate
Geometry 3 – 4 Moderate to difficult
Modern Maths 1 – 2 Moderate

An attempt of around 11 questions with good accuracy, that is score of around 30 should help you cross a 95 percentile and a score of 42-44 should help you get a 99 percentile.

Overall in the Slot 3 paper a score of 110 should help you score a 99 percentile with the 95 percentile being around 90 marks and a score of 75 for a 90 percentile.