CAT AnalysisNovember 30, 2020

Slot-2 CAT 2020 Analysis

The slot 2 paper was on similar lines as the first slot in terms of pattern, as expected. But the level of difficulty overall was a little higher for the second slot. Section wise the details are as follows


The section overall was moderate to difficult. The RCs were similar in level of difficulty as the first slot but the TITA questions were more difficult. The number of questions was 26 in this slot as well 18 in RC and 8 in VA. The break up is as follows

Topic No of questions
RC 1 (Aggression type) 5
RC 2 (Visual Culture) 4
RC 3 (Renewable energy) 4
RC 4 (Piracy related) 5
Odd one out 2
Parajumbles 3
Para Summary 3

Overall a score of around 42-44 will be a good attempt and should help you score a percentile of around 99. And a score of around 30-35 should get you a 95 percentile.


The number of questions was same as the first slot. But the level of difficulty was higher. It was important to choose the right sets or one could end up wasting a lot of time. Total 24 questions, with two sets having 6 questions each and three sets having 4 questions each.

Topic No of questions Level of Difficulty
Missing data (Sales figure) 6 Moderate
Matrix placement 4 Moderate to difficult
Grouping (Research scholar scheduling) 6 Moderate to difficult
Arrangement (Parking slots) 4 Moderate to difficult
Missing data (Votes polled) 4 Moderate to difficult

A score in the range of 32-35 should help you get a 99 percentile and 95 percentile should be at a score of 25-28.


Like the first slot, majority of the questions were from algebra and arithmetic. Level of difficulty was slightly higher than CAT 2019.

Topic No of questions Level of difficulty
Arithmetic 8 – 10 Easy to moderate
Algebra 9 – 10 Moderate to difficult
Number System 1 – 2 Moderate to difficult
Geometry 4 -5 Moderate
PnC 1 Moderate

An attempt of around 11 questions with good accuracy, that is score of around 30 should help you cross a 95 percentile and a score of 42-44 should help you get a 99 percentile.

Overall in the Slot 2 paper a score of 115 should help you score a 99 percentile with the 95 percentile being around 90 marks and a score of 78 for a 90 percentile.