CAT PREPARATIONNovember 29, 2020

Slot 1 CAT 2020 Analysis

So CAT is finally out of the bag. Overall not many surprises in terms of pattern and difficulty.

This is how the sections looked like


Overall difficulty level was above moderate similar to the one in 2019. Comprehension was not very difficult but option choices were close. There were 26 questions overall with the following breakup

Topic No of questions Level of difficulty
RC 1 (Chinese economy in ancient times) 4 Easy to moderate
RC 2 (Anarchy and revolution) 5 Moderate to difficult
RC 3 (Sound of elephant seals) 4 Easy to moderate
RC 4 (Vocabulary and grammar) 5 Moderate to difficult
Odd one out 2 Moderate to difficult
Parajumbles 3 Moderate to difficult
Para Summary 3 Easy to moderate

Overall a score of around 45 – 48 will be a good attempt and should help you score a percentile of around 99. And a score of around 32-38 should get you a 95 percentile.


This section had a surprise in terms of pattern. There were two sets with 6 questions each and three sets with 4 questions each, overall 24 questions. The level of difficulty was similar to the past years but selecting sets could become confusing as you had to choose between 4 or 6 question sets. A good idea would have been to stick to topics comfortable for you rather than trying to go for number of questions. The five sets were as follows

Topic No of questions Level of Difficulty
Venn diagram based with 4 sets 4 Easy to moderate
Table based driver and ratings 4 Easy to moderate
Veen dig based reasoning, 10 players playing 3 instruments 4 Moderate to difficult
4 companies 4 contractors (LR) 6 Moderate to difficult
Average based exams marks for 6 students 6 Moderate to difficult

A score in the range of 33-37 should help you get a 99 percentile and 95 percentile should be at a score of 27-30.


Questions in this section were dominated by Algebra and arithmetic. Difficulty level was close to CAT 2019. Overall breakup of questions was as follows

Topic No of questions Level of difficulty
Arithmetic 7 – 8 Moderate to difficult
Algebra 7 – 8 Easy to moderate
Number System 5 -6 Moderate to difficult
Geometry 4 -5 Easy to moderate
PnC 0

An attempt of around 12 to 14 questions that is a score of around 35 should help you cross a 95 percentile and a score of 45 should help you get a 99 percentile.

Overall in the Slot 1 paper a score of 120 should help you score a 99 percentile with the 95 percentile being around 100 marks and a score of 85 for a 90 percentile.