CAT Exam AnalysisNovember 28, 2021

CAT 2021 Slot 2 Analysis

CAT 2021 Slot 2 Analysis


24 Questions – Moderate to Tough

RC: Moderate to Difficult

4 Passages – 4 Questions each (16 Questions)

VA – 8 Questions – Overall Easy

No difficult questions in VA

VA question distribution was the same, there were 3 questions from Para Jumbles, 3 from Para Summary, and 2 from Odd One Out.

Two Para Jumbles, one odd one out, and one Para Summary were easy and doable. The rest were moderate, except one odd one out which was quite difficult.

Coming to the RCs, the difficulty was very similar to the RCs of slot There were four RCs

1. Truth and power (3 questions in this were doable, and this passage should have been attempted by all)
2. Languages- monolingual (all questions doable). This was the easiest RC set. All the questions were easy and could have been solved in less than 7 minutes.
3. Nationalistic view (2 doable). This was a difficult RC to read and solve. At best you could have managed not more than two questions.
4. Psychology (2 doable). This RC, too, was quite difficult to read. The questions were tricky and with very close choices.



20 Questions – Moderate to Difficult

2 sets of 4 questions each

2 sets of 6 questions each

DI Set was not easy as in the Slot 1

Set 1: Arrangement on Rating & Students. This set has 6 Questions. Was Moderate to difficult

Set 2: Assignment & 10 items. This set too had 6 questions. Was Moderate to Difficult

Set 3: Bar Graph. This set had 4 questions. Was the easiest of all the sets. Pretty much doable

Set 4: Set on Tournament. This set had 4 questions too. Would be in a Moderate to Difficult bracket


22 Questions – Moderate

Slot 2 QA was slightly tougher than Slot 1, and a bit lengthy in reading.

Arithmetic – 11

No Sys – 2

Algebra – 5

Geometry – 3

Modern Maths – 1


Overall Difficulty Level of CAT 2021 Slot 2: Moderate to Difficult

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