Our Faculty

Abhilasha Swaroop

English & Logical Reasoning Faculty

This Salman Khan fan always manages to break down the rigorous standards of English language into more understandable formats. With an impeccable knowledge of the grammar rules and years of experience English never remains a concern area for our students.

Satyam Sahai

Maths & Analytical Reasoning Faculty

Our Mr. Chairman; Remember the MDI Gurgaon MBA Grad. Before we forget, he also finished IInd runner-up in the Grasim Mr. India 2003 rounds. An educationalist at heart and a vicious management expert in his brain, it is certainly his visionary observations that brought us to where we are, and Team Satyam is a name to reckon.

Dr.Surabhi Sahai

English & Logical Reasoning Faculty

This is the Hindu college alumni who set up the skeletal framework for the academics of the Company.She was also nominated for Fulbright (FLTA) to UC,Davis in 2009.She did her Ph.D from University of Lucknow in 2018. A true mentor to thousands of students, she is not only the face of CLAT Possible but also the trusted face of Good Advice.

Amit Goyal

Maths & DI faculty

MSC mathematics, Sole Reason of selection of more than 1000 students in SSC. 14 year experience. Guru of shortcuts. All previous exam papers are on his tips. Has himself Cleared lot of Apptitude exams. 99.99 percentile in DI cat 2007. Taught students of IIT Roorkee and IIT Ropar for more than 4 years for aptitude exams.