Why doing MBA as a fresher is better than doing it after 2 years of work experience?

I’d first get 2-3 years of experience and then prepare for MBA. This is a very common thought that most freshers have after graduating. On the contrary it’s way better to pursue an MBA as a fresher and enter the corporate world fully equipped.

  • Firstly the most important is that one would earn somewhere between 7-8 lpa when working without an MBA and on the other hand the earnings shoot up and increase three fold when you join as a MBA graduate.
  • The job roles offered to MBA graduates are always better. Those who have worked for few years will agree that to grow beyond a certain level in your job, you need an additional degree. Also, even as a fresh graduate you can reasonably expect saving 2-3 years in reaching the project manager level of profiles.
  • For any job promotion, work experience as an MBA would be more relevant and valuable rather than work experience without an MBA.
  • Writing CAT as a fresher always gives you a better chance to give another shot if things don’t go well in the first try. You’ll always have ample time in your hands when you are done with your MBA straight after graduation to experiment and expand their horizons.
  • The exposure you get in just two years of your MBA is equivalent to 3-4 years of work experience. You’ll get the opportunity to interact with leading CEOs and businessmen at your respective prestigious MBA colleges in seminars and events which you’ll not be able to get during your work experience.
  • Next most important myth is about the weightage given to work experience. It is not more than 10% for any IIM or other leading B-schools. So it is not really as much an edge as it is made out to be. Also, at the time of placements after the MBA program there is hardly any preference given to people with work experience and most companies vouch for freshers.