How to analyse your Mocks?

A number of times aspirants feel that giving the maximum number of mocks is the key to success in CAT, but the real fact is that you get better when you realise the mistakes that you’ve made on your way. It is not the number of mocks that takes your further but the proper analysis of these mocks that does.


Inevitably it is important for every serious MBA aspirant to crucially analyse their mocks.


To begin with the first thing that needs to be kept in mind is to identify the kind of errors that you are making. Human errors can be of different types, you can read a question wrong or interpret it in a wrong manner. So it is always advisable to begin with identifying your weak spot. Mock analysis gives you a perfect opportunity to do that.


The next important thing to analyse is to see the kind of questions you always end up attempting or leaving. You will see a clear pattern in the kind of questions that you always end up leaving. Try to reflect upon why you leave those questions. It might be possible that simple questions are often disguised in the difficult presentation of tricky language.



Another very vital aspect is to look up on the amount of time you are spending on individual questions. Sometimes students make it an ego issue to solve a problem regardless of the fact that a timer continuously ticks off. There is no extra reward for attempting a difficult question, something a lot of us forget to see. It is important to choose and leave wisely so that we do not end up losing time on traps.


Mock analysis is a crucial step towards building CAT stamina, and if done properly it can work wonders for you.