CAT PREPARATIONNovember 26, 2018

Cat 2018 Paper Analysis & Expected Cut-offs by Team Satyam Mentors

This was easier than the previous years. There were 3-4 sets which could be attempted. The more difficult sets had l or 2 questions that could be attempted.
A good attempt would be in the range of 15 to 18. With a score of around 40-45 for a 99 percentile.

This section was a surprise to anyone who did not talk to the first slot students
This year QA was a little difficult than the previous years. Though most of the questions
focussed on basic application.
There was a good spread of questions from arithematic, algebra and geometry. An attempt of around 20 questions with a score of 50-55 should get a 99 percentile.

The VARC section of second slot of cat 18 was, as far as difficulty level and paper pattern is concerned, was not much different from the first slot. There were 24 questions from reading comprehension and 10 from verbal ability. Out of the 10 VA questions, 3 questions were from summary, 3 from odd sentence and 4 from TITA Parajumbles.

The difficulty level of the VA questions was on the lower to moderate side. It was definitely easier than last year’s VA questions.

The reading comprehension pattern saw a slight change, with four passages having five questions each and one passage having four questions. The good thing about the RC section was that the passages, unlike those that came in mocks, were easy to read and understand. The questions were based on main idea, inference, strengthening and weakening of author’s argument. Most of the questions tested the comprehension skills of the aspirants. There were hardly any questions whose answers could be directly spotted in the passage.
The overall difficulty was on moderate side. But it must be remembered that most questions revolved around the central idea. If the understanding of the central was out place, then more than one question is likely to go wrong. An attempt of 25 plus with 80 percent accuracy could fetch you a decent 98 plus percentile.

A score of 153-158 can fetch you a 99 percentile