7 Deadly Sins not to commit in CAT preparations!

In this article we bring you a list of seven deadly sins that need to be avoided at all cost while you are preparing for an MBA entrance exam. So take a look at the list below:

  1. Option solving must be avoided because CAT has introduced TITA questions lately where you do not have options to choose from. A number of people end up paying a lot of attention to options in a manner that they become accustomed to having them. Try to be prepared for all sorts of questions formats and not just options.
  2. CAT has the habit of giving surprises. It would be a horrible sin to judge the exam by the previous year question papers. Do not fall into this trap because it is quite deceiving and gives you late surprises that you really don’t want as an aspirant.
  3. Another sin that needs to be avoided is to segregate topics according to their priority. As mentioned earlier CAT is quite unpredictable so you never know which topic might hold a greater weightage in which year.
  4. One thing that completely mars the performance of an aspirant is to not take your mocks seriously. Never think of a mock as something trivial in which you are allowed to score low. Give them the equal importance as you give to the main exam.
  5. Sometimes aspirants commit a horrible sin of limiting their attention to just one section of the exam. Since we know every sectional contains individual weightage so we simply cannot let our attention to be diverted to a specific sectional and to deprive another of the same.
  6. A horrendous sin that can be committed during an MBA preparation is piling up one’s doubts. Never keep your doubts to yourself. Make it a habit of clearing all your doubts before you go to bed.
  7. Last and the most easily committed sin is investing too much time on only one type of questions. Students go on solving the same type of questions from different sources and thinking that they have solved a number of questions. Remember solving more is not the key, solving different type of questions is the key.